Apple Details Differences Between GSM and CDMA iPhone

In a recent support article, Apple detailed the differences between the GSM and CDMA iPhone when it comes to voice calling and other associated features. Among other things revealed that may be disturbing to Verizon iPhone users, the document confirms the Verizon iPhone is not capable of handling a conference call with more than two people.

In addition, the CDMA iPhone is unable to put calls on hold due to the way the network works. In the less negative category, the Verizon iPhone can use a manual method to toggle call forwarding, call waiting and caller ID instead of using the settings found in iOS itself.

If you’ve ever used a CDMA device,  you’re probably already familiar with these features and/or limitations. For potential AT&T switchers, these differences may or may not be any kind of deal breaker. Still, more info is always good when making decisions and it’s nice that Apple took the time to do this.

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