Breasts Get Handled In A New ‘Face Off’ Sneak Peek

Breasts Get Handled In A New ‘Face Off’ Sneak Peek

Say what you will about reality TV, but SyFy has managed to find the happy medium between the world of trashy television and the geek culture with their newest competition show, Face Off.

The show takes a group of up and coming effects makeup artists trying to make it in the business and pits them against one another in difficult, and ultimately cool-looking makeup tasks. Here’s the rundown for this week’s show.

In the next all-new episode of Face Off, Gage and Sam decide to take a major risk with the task of creating old-age makeup pieces.  They both re-assure each other that based on the last challenge, you can’t play it safe.  They’re both trying to come up with two full-face renderings in just two days which other contestants practically claim the feat as an impossibility.

We’ve got a brand new clip from this week’s show, in which the ancient art of “boob crafting” is practiced, and some of the contestants worry about going too far with their art. Check it out after the jump, and be sure to catch Face Off this Wednesday at 10/9pm Central on Syfy.

  • Meril Thomison
    February 22, 2011 at 1:07 am

    Megan all my hopes and wishes,I know you can do it! All you guys are Great!! Were watching..!