Have Questions About ‘X-Men: First Class’? Now’s Your Chance to Get Them Answered

With all the comic book movies coming out the last few years and with so many more to come, fans probably have questions about them. Fortunately, Fox has decided to do something about that and let fans ask questions directly to the cast and fillmakers of the upcoming X-Men: First Class.

How does it work? Well, read and and we’ll tell you. This new program, called “X-Perts”, starts March 1st and allows fans to submit their questions via Twitter and Facebook. Each week a new cast member or filmmaker will answer them on the “X-Perts” page.

Following the above guidelines, fans can submit questions two ways: Via a Tweet @XMenMovies or by posting on the wall at the film’s official Facebook Page. Now before you go and get too excited you can be sure they won’t be ansering any spoiler questions or anything like that. For those kinds of answers you’ll just have to wait for the movie itself to be released.

Speaking of that, X-Men: First Class comes to theaters on June 3rd.

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