Kevin Costner Being Eyed For ‘Superman’ Reboot

Kevin Costner Being Eyed For ‘Superman’ Reboot

Now that Henry Cavill has been cast as the Man of Steel, there is a good sigh of relief that WB has made a (hopefully) decent choice in casting. But what about the rest of the fictional world? There are still plenty of meaty parts in the Superverse that have yet to be cast, and apparently Kevin Costner is in the running for one of them.

From Deadline.

I’m told that there is heightened interest in Kevin Costner for a key role in the Superman reboot that is being directed by Zack Snyder for Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures. I’m not exactly sure what role Costner is likely to play, but he has certainly been in good guy mode lately.

With films like 300 and Watchmen under Snyder’s belt, we know that he’s no stranger to how picky fans can get about their casting. The only role we can see Costner filling is Jonathan Kent, but maybe Snyder and the brothers Warner have something more “out of the box” in mind. Zod? Perry White?

We’re hoping to have answers in the coming weeks on this and other casting news for the project.