It’s Finally Here: The Sequel To ‘E.T.’ Has a Trailer (Sort Of)

We show a lot of trailers here at The Flickcast. Most are for movies you will actually be able to go out and see once they hit theaters. Some, like the one we have today from YouTube user blankenheimrobert, are for movies you probably won’t ever see.

Still, that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth watching. In fact, this trailer for the imagined sequel to the classic sci-fi film E.T. is pretty impressive in that the filmmaker had to borrow from so many different movies and add CG touches of his own to make it work. Sure, the visual effects are not exactly perfect nor do all of the scenes exactly fit together without some looking a bit out of place, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t pretty fun to watch.

Plus, you really have to appreciate the shear amount of work that must have gone into making this. So, for that reason and because we love to encourage this kind of thing, check out the full trailer after the jump.

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