It's Raining Guns In Freddie Wong's Latest Awesome Video

It’s Raining Guns In Freddie Wong’s Latest Awesome Video

Previously, we told you about Freddie Wong and his gang of pals who make cool videos featuring great visual effects just because they can. On that occasion, the video in question featured one of our favorite actors: Spartacus himself Andy Whitfield.

The video was awesome but also a little sad because now Whitfield is ill and won’t be returning to Spartacus. But fear not, we’ve got a new video for you today that’s full of more amazing visual effects and even a little humor that will help make the sadness go away. This one, called Epic VFX, features just that — some epic visual effects made all the more epic by some funny commentary.

Check out the new video after the jump. Also, for your viewing pleasure, we’ve included another video from Freddie highlighting all of the action scenes in all of his videos from 2010. It’s pretty damn impressive too so be sure to check it out.

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