Josh Holloway To Guest In Two-Part Paintball Finale of 'Community'

Josh Holloway To Guest In Two-Part Paintball Finale of ‘Community’

Hands down, one of the best shows to come out of last year’s TV season was NBC’s Community, and inside of that far-too-brief season, one of the best episodes was Modern Warfare in which the entire campus partook in a massive paintball game. References to The Warriors, Die Hard, and John Woo’s The Killer were all brilliantly mixed into a solid 30-minute show, and made it an incredible season.

Now, they’re going back to the game this season with an epic two-part season finale in which a new paintball game is taking over the students of Greendale. This time, the stakes are raised, as LOST star Josh Holloway is making a guest appearance in the game to balance things out. From NBC:

In the episode, Holloway guest stars as a mysterious figure, who emerges on the Greendale Community College campus when another game of paintball breaks out.  The two-part finale finds the students of Greendale taking on another round of paintball warfare as a follow up to last season’s acclaimed “Modern Warfare” episode, in which students battled it out for the ultimate prize – early registration.

Not much else is known about the episode, but without Holloway, you would expect a return to the paintball storyline to be epic. Things are only going to get “Epicer” with Sawyer joining in the festivities.

Community airs every Thursday night at 8:00 PM ET/PT on NBC.

  • Nick Sammons
    March 2, 2011 at 10:34 pm

    Matt- please go look up the meaning of “epic” if you are going to try and continue as a journalist. Then contemplate modifying it to “epicer.” Horrible.