The Flickcast Covers PAX East 2011!

The Flickcast Covers PAX East 2011!

The second annual PAX East is this weekend, and while badges may be 100% sold out for the convention, you’ll find everything you need to know right here, since the team at The Flickcast will be there to report the latest, greatest, and best in gaming. Last year the expo was incredible, and this year should be no exception.

Along with the show floor, panels, nightly concerts, and everything else going on at the convention center, one of the great things about PAX East is all the meet ups that go on. Here’s some things to look out for this weekend if you’re attending.

PAX East Stitch’n’Bitch

Along with all the videogamers, tabletop lovers, card gamers, and other nerdy-types, a lot of attendees at PAX East love to knit, crotchet, and craft. If you’re one of those people, head up to the Handheld Lounge on Level 1 of the expo hall on Saturday from 1-3:30 PM for some crafting, lounging, and friends! Bring a current project or feel free to start something new, or check out what everyone else is doing!

The Cookie Brigade

One of the coolest thing about PAX is the Cookie Brigade! Each year, hundreds of attendees bake thousands of cookies and other delicious snacks to hand out to over conventioneers, for a small donation. Donations are given to Child’s Play, the charity founded by PA creators Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins, that brings videogames into hospitals for sick kids. So you get to help out children in need while consuming delicious treats, what’s not to like?

Mix CD Swap

Like music? Then the Harmonix booth is definitely one you need to check out. As well as a chance to check out the great games Harmonix will be bringing along to the con, all day Friday PAX attendees will be dropping off their homemade mix CDs. Come by and grab one or drop off one of your very own! The more people who participate, the more music there will be. And music makes people happy. Ask anyone.

PAX East is one of the best weekends of the year, so check back here at The Flickcast all weekend for our coverage. We’ll see you at the con!