Shocking! Apple iPad 2 Demand Huge, New Order Shipping Times Now a Month

We know, you really, really, really wanted a new iPad 2. In fact, you even got in line for it and waited patiently. Sadly, as has happened in the past, Apple didn’t quite understand the demand for the new device (or didn’t care) so even though you waited in line, they sold out before you got one. Bummer, right?

Well, this news isn’t going to really cheer you up all that much, sorry. It seems demand for the new shiny bit of awesome is so great, Apple has pushed back estimated ship dates for new orders to a month (or more). Even though some Apple retail stores may be getting a second wave of iPad 2’s and releasing them to the public today, those of you wishing to avoid that insanity for the first (or more) times and who want to order online seem to be out of luck.

This new shipping estimate means orders placed today might not arrive for over a month. Apple’s shipping quotes do often overestimate the time it will take so orders might ship earlier than indicated. However, we wouldn’t suggest holding your breath for that one.

Still, there’s always Best Buy, WalMart or Target. They might have what you need. Well, probably don’t want to hold your breath for that either.

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