Blacker Baron and Mathilda Get Trailers for 'Anarchy Reigns'

Blacker Baron and Mathilda Get Trailers for ‘Anarchy Reigns’

In our last Anarchy Reigns post, we saw hints of a few new characters in screen shots that would be joining the cast. Today, we reveal two of these new brawlers with Blacker Baron and Mathilda.

Blacker Baron

The personality and trappings of Huggy Bear. The body and wrestling ability of Bobby Lashley. Ryu’s dragon punch attack. And the dance moves of the late King of Pop. But them together and you get Anarchy Reign’s highly focus tested stereotype of Black Baron. A cyborg with Super Sexy Fists of Fire as his weapon, Blacker Baron is without a doubt the most outrageous and over the top of any of Anarchy Reign’s current cast.

If anything, Blacker Baron proves that Anarchy Reigns will bring a level of diversity through its character roster, no matter how offensive it may be to some. Take a look at the trailer for this blinged out badass below.


A chick with sunglasses, a thing for purple and spiky boobs and boots, Mathilda does not look like the type to be trifled with. Her weapon, the Iron Maiden, is a whip that converts to a bat that creates powerful energy spikes. Mathilda looks like she will play an interesting counterpart to Anarchy Reign’s other announced female character so far, the ice queen Sasha. There is definitely some of Bayonetta seen in Mathilda which is fine because Platinum games did such a good job with her. Who knows? Maybe Bayonetta could end up as a playable character in this game by the time it’s release rolls around.

Check out Mathilda in action below.

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