Exclusive 'Green Lantern' Footage Hits The Net

Exclusive ‘Green Lantern’ Footage Hits The Net

While San Diego Comic-Con still reigns supreme, one of the other big shows on the wast coast every year is San Francisco’s WonderCon. Much like SDCC, this show is for comic fans and movie fans alike, and some studios bring some great footage to share for their upcoming projects.

Luckily, Warner Bros. brought along a whopping four minutes of their upcoming Green Lantern flick, and we’re finally getting a chance to see the tone and some great moments in the movie. That first trailer felt a little to Iron Man-y for many, so this one will definitely help you decide if you’re going to the midnight screening or not.

In the footage, we get plenty of Oa, lots of Mark Strong as Sinestro, and we finally nail down exactly how they squeeze Parallax and Peter Sarsgaard’s Hector Hammond into the movie as two separate villains. For those editing buffs out there, they even managed to sneak a Yourahh! scream into all the chaos.

Take a look at the footage after the jump and catch Martin Campbell’s Green Lantern in theaters on June 17th.

  • DaVeO
    April 5, 2011 at 4:22 pm

    100% better trailer.

  • [A]
    April 2, 2011 at 7:19 pm

    I liked everything about it. I don’t care about the mask, like (almost) everyone else.Sure, I liked trailers before and then the movie was a huge disappointmente (looking at you, Watchmen) but.. oh well