‘Supernatural: The Anime Series’ Coming to the U.S. In July

‘Supernatural: The Anime Series’ Coming to the U.S. In July

Supernatural is a popular show, or so I am told. My TV watching principles force me to avoid shows that air on The CW. It is nothing personal, I just have an important man card renewal hearing coming up and I don’t want to take any risks.

Aside from my unfair avoidance of the show, Supernatural has done an excellent job of finding its core audience and growing its fan base over six seasons of well crafted TV. The show has also been a hit overseas, especially in Japan, which prompted Warner Home Video and animation studio Madhouse to develop an anime series based on the show.

Marking the first time a live-action American TV show has been adapted into a Japanese anime, Supernatural: The Anime Series mirrors the events of the first two seasons of the show. The series, however, isn’t just a retelling of those stories, it is a supplement to the main show.

Offering side tales, prequel stories and spin-offs from different episodes during the first two years, this series stays true to the series continuity, while telling new stories from this era.

Supernatural: The Anime Series stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, reprising their roles as the Winchester brothers from the main series. The full 22 episode series hits the US July 26, 2011.