Expect Cameos From Ray Romano, Catherine Tate and James Spader On ‘The Office’ Season Finale

Will Ferrell not big enough for all of you fans of NBC’s The Office? How about an hour-long season finale featuring Ferrell, Ricky Gervais, Will Arnett, Ray Romano, Doctor Who’s Catherine Tate and James Spader?

NBC has recently announced that the trio of Spader, Tate, and Romano will be making appearances in the upcoming season finale of The Office, in which we get the last episode with Steve Carell’s Michael Scott.

Carell’s character may be quitting the paper business to live the married life, but his real life counterpart will be taking on a new NBC comedy in which he tells the story of a younger him delivering mail for a living after college.

The question still remains: Who will replace Michael Scott as the new boss of the Scranton branch?

With this huge slew of cameo stars for the finale, you can see NBC is stirring the pot by making you think it could be any one of those candidates.

Sadly, you’ll just have to wait for the full season finale on May 19th to see for yourselves. Until then, who would you like to see replace Steve Carrell’s Michael Scott on the show?

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