Box Office: Russell Brand Cleans Up With 'Hop' & 'Arthur'

Box Office: Russell Brand Cleans Up With ‘Hop’ & ‘Arthur’

Depending upon your feelings toward Russell Brand, you will be delighted or horrified by the most recent box office weekend totals. Despite the fact that four new films opened on Friday, last weekend’s holdover Hop managed to remain on top for a second week in a row.

Brand voices a rabbit who is the main character in the film. The film dropped about 42% from last weekend, which is a little high for a kiddie flick, but it has earned $68.2 Million in its first two weeks of release.

Coming in at number two was the Arthur remake, also starring Brand in the title role. The film only made about $12.6M. That total is quite low considering the fact that the film played on over 3,276 screens. That’s only a $3,276 per/screen average.

The moody assassin movie Hanna almost overtook Arthur with $12.3 million in ticket sales, while playing on a far fewer screens (2,600).  Another newcomer placed fourth. Soul Surfer played on about 2,300 screens, and made $11.1 M.  Even more impressive was the fact that the film got a coveted A+ from audiences polled by Cinemascore. That is extremely rare. Sony Pictures reports that over 80% of the audience was female, also rare.

Insidious held up surprisingly well, taking the fifth spot and making $9.7 Million in its second week.  The film only dropped 27%, almost unheard of for a horror film. It has now made $27 Million over two weeks, with a reported budget of only $1.5 M.

Your Highness was the only newcomer that didn’t crack the top five. The film was number six, and made $9.5 M.  Considering James Franco, Natalie Portman, and Danny McBride were in the movie, that comes as a disappointment.

Next week should bring some heavy hitters. The animated bird tale Rio is opening against Scream 4.  Talk about counterprogramming…

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    April 12, 2011 at 7:11 am

    I love a rabbit, that’s why I like this movie. It is inspiring and adventures can be seen here. I will no wonder why they remain to be at the top of the box office.