Vampires & Zombies Go Wild In The Trailer for ‘When Harry Met Sally 2′

Billy Crystal is back! After a long and mysterious hiatus from Hollywood, the legendary comedian has taken to the web with a star-studded trailer for his newest flick, When Harry Met Sally 2.

OK, not really. In this spoof video courtesy of Funny or Die, both Crystal and director Rob Reiner are pitching a sequel to an unnamed studio (though we’re going to assume it rhymes with Schmummit Schmentertainment) in which Crystal’s “Harry” falls for Hellen Miren in an old folks’ home. With one tweak. They’re both vampires–sorry, “grampires”.

With a pretty amazing cast, including Adam Scott, Maya Rudolph, Rob Riggle, and Mike Tyson, this spoof of both When Harry Met Sally and where today’s films are headed is both brilliant and hilarious.

We’re just happy to see Crystal back at it again. Maybe this means the attention can be off of Robin Williams dressing like a tiger for a few years.

Check out the video after the jump, and here’s to hoping we can see Billy Crystal in a few more upcoming projects like this!

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