Trailer for the Undescribable 'Passion Play' Hits the Web

Trailer for the Undescribable ‘Passion Play’ Hits the Web

There are a few loglines that come across our desks at The Flickcast offices that make us all turn our heads like a confused dog, and go “huh?” Mitch Glazer’s upcoming flick Passion Play, starring Rhys Ifans, Bill Murray, Mickey Rourke, and Megan Fox.

The plot is pretty insane, even for the man who brought Great Expectations and Scrooged to theaters in the 90s. Here’s the synopsis.

Nate (Rourke), a small-time jazz musician, is clearly a hard-luck case. Caught trying to break into a car, he is taken off into the desert where his assailant puts a gun to his head. Game over? Not quite. Stumbling into a circus pitched amidst the vast expanses of the southwest desert, Nate finds himself drawn to the exotic beauty of Lily (Fox), the Bird Woman. Lily is cold and dismissive; socializing with customers is not her scene. But it dawns on her that this gentle giant may well be her way out of a life of eccentric exposition. Nate is protective and understanding, and to him her aquiline beauty is a magic part of her uniqueness. As their bond deepens, Nate finds that his dreams of bliss are about to be thwarted by Happy Shannon (Murray), a cucumber-cool businessman with deep pockets and an eye for the bizarre.

Yes. It’s that bizarre. Take a look at the first trailer for the film after the jump, and check out the film in theaters (if you can) on May 3rd.

  • snark-buster
    April 15, 2011 at 5:28 am

    Geez, cut the snark! I actually SAW the film at Toronto and LOVED it (as did the premiere audience) I got a copy of the script through someone at ICM and it is fantastic as well. It is NOT a film meant for these cynical cruel hateful times -especially when all you blogging haters write about it and you haven’t actually even seen it!? The film is beautiful and seemingly doomed, like Ms Fox – who btw is wonderful as the fallen angel Lily… poor girl.