Previews? We've Got 'Em for 'The Office', '30 Rock' and More!

Previews? We’ve Got ‘Em for ‘The Office’, ’30 Rock’ and More!

It’s Thursday so that must mean most eyes will be glued to NBC for their night of comedy. I know I’ll be watching.

To help get you ready, we’ve got previews for some of tonight’s shows. It all kicks off with a new episode of Community. Tonight, the Greendale gang picks their spring electives and Jeff finds something fishy about Pierce’s new friend.

Next up is the brand new Paul Reiser show featuring, well, Paul Reiser. On the season opener, Paul debates his career path, as we all do, and gets some input from a respectable guest star.

Next up is an episode of The Office where new boss Will Farrell arrives ready for action. Following that, you’re invited to a dinner party with our favorite Parks & Recreation department.

Then, Liz scrambles to find Tracy before TGS is cancelled on a new 30 Rock. Outsourced rounds out the evening when Todd uncovers a secret about one of his coworker’s parents.

Check out the previews for Paul Reiser’s show, The Office and 30 Rock after the jump. The fun starts tonight at 8/7C with Community on NBC.

The Paul Reiser Show

The Return of Paul

The Office

Watch as new boss DeAngelo Vickers (Will Ferrell) meets the Dunder Mifflin staff.

Kelly’s “Meet Cute” with DeAngelo
Office flirt Kelly has eyes for the new boss, DeAngelo Vickers (Will Ferrell).

30 Rock

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