The Complete History of ‘Doctor Who’ In Six Minutes

The Complete History of ‘Doctor Who’ In Six Minutes

You make be a huge fan of the BBC series Doctor Who and watch it all the time. However, that doesn’t mean you necessarily know the entire history of the show, especially as its been running on TV for over forty years.

Really, to be a fan and watch it now, nobody expects you to know everything. However, if you’re one of those people who just has to know but doesn’t necessarily want to spend all your time doing the research, these guys have got you covered.

YouTube users The Fine Brothers have taken the time, done the work and put together a very comprehensive history of Doctor Who. In fact, you can get the lowdown on the show’s entire historuy in only six minutes. How’s that for a time saver?

Check out the video after the break. You’ll be happy you did.

Although, be careful as it may contain spoilers. Oh and don’t forget the new season of Doctor Who will premiere on BBC America this Saturday, April 23 at 9/8C.