Gameplay Videos: Nikolai Comes to ‘Anarchy Reigns’

Gameplay Videos: Nikolai Comes to ‘Anarchy Reigns’

A character with the first name of Nikolai who has a weapon with Tesla in its name. No not the most creative character concept ever but still effective none the less. In this latest trailer for Anarchy Reigns, SEGA gives a peak at Nikolai, a cyborg fighter with a back mounted reactor allowing him to channel electrical currents through his fists. The result is an angry Russian who is ready to let the sparks fly.

This is also the first trailer for Anarchy Reigns that gives a look at what may be the game’s “fatality” system, for lack of a formal title yet. While it has been shown that the game will use the environment to kill off competitors, this is the first time a trailer has shown anyone get finished off, as seen by two of Nikolai’s moves below.

So what do fatalities mean for Anarchy Reigns? Depending on how they are implemented, fatalities could become epic tide turners in matches if they can be pulled off at any time and not just when someone’s health bar has been depleted. Especially in multiplayer modes, this could completely shift the course of match-ups. On the other side, it is possible that these fatal moves could quickly become repetitive and lose their luster after seeing them in every match a player competes in.

Again, much of this is just speculation but take a peek after the jump at Nikolai’s screen shot gallery as well as his debut trailer. Stick to the Flickcast for more on Anarchy Reigns, coming soon to the XBox 360 and PlayStation 3 from SEGA and Platinum Games.

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