SPOILER! Watch the Post-Credit Easter Egg from 'Thor'

SPOILER! Watch the Post-Credit Easter Egg from ‘Thor’

UPDATE: Due to a request from Paramount, we have taken down the video. Sorry folks but they don’t want you to see it.

We may be a few weeks away from the God of Thunder’s release¬† with Thor here in the US, but folks overseas are basking in the glory of Marvel’s newest film as we speak. One diehard fan in particular even got some footage of the illustrious post-credit sequence that Marvel loves to slap onto the end of their films.

We give HEAVY WARNING here: if you don’t want to see what happens in this sequence, then we suggest not clicking through, as it gives clues that lead us up to Marvel’s upcoming films Captain America: The First Avenger and The Avengers.

Those who are a fan of Marvel lore know that this isn’t much of a spoiler, per se, as it is some of the greatest story elements told in comics shown in live action.

So, without further adieu, click through the jump to see the special “Easter Egg” from after the credits in Marvel Studios’ Thor. We loved it, but let us know what you think in the comments below!

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