First Trailer for Asylum’s ‘Almighty Thor’ Arrives

First Trailer for Asylum’s ‘Almighty Thor’ Arrives

Before you flip away thinking this is just another trailer for Marvel’s upcoming blockbuster due in theaters next week, think again. This gem comes from Asylum, the studio that brought us such films as Titanic 2 and Transmorphers. That’s right, this is the official Syfy movie dedicated to the God of Thunder.

A few differentiators for this one (aside from the obvious budget) is the interesting casting for the film. Filling in for the villainous Loki is 21 Jump Street star Richard Grieco, alongside The Mummy star Patricia Velasquez and former professional wrestler Kevin Nash as Odin, king of the gods.

Those looking for a replacement for Chris Hemsworth will be met with Cody Deal as the titular thunder god. You may remember him in such shining roles as Roman Soldier at Caesar’s Palace in The Hangover or Strip Club Patron in Get Him To The Greek. Rich stuff.

Luckily for Asylum, the tale of Thor is that of mythology, so Marvel doesn’t have much legal ground here. We’ll have to see exactly how close the film plays to the comic or it’s adaptation when it hits the Syfy channel on May 7th at 9pm. In the meantime, you can check out the trailer after the jump.

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