'X-Men: First Class' International Poster & Trailer Roundup

‘X-Men: First Class’ International Poster & Trailer Roundup

X-Men: First Class is supposed to be a return to form for Fox’s mutant franchise. First, they brought in franchise hero Bryan Singer to shepard the project, then they hired up and coming director Matthew Vaughn to direct, both of whom were in line to helm X3 back when the franchise was golden. So there has been a conscious effort from the execs to tap into the memories of happier times.

That trend is continuing now that the marketing team has their hands on the movie. The two most recent international posters have been released and they share some stark similarities to some of the finer X-Men works of the last decade.

The first new poster shows most of our main characters walking towards the viewer from a dutch angle. This is a clear homage to the one of the most famous panels from Joss Whedon’s ‘Astonishing X-Men’ run. Also, the general design with all of the main characters on a single plane with the more important characters standing progressively more forward is extremely reminiscent of a popular X-Men 2 poster.

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The second new poster is similar in basic concept, but the characters are in a more defined v shape. They are all standing in front of an X that shows a critical element from the film. This is a design very similar to one of the posters from X-Men 1, where the characters stood in a v type formation in front of an X with New York in the back ground.

Aside from the new posters, a new international trailer has also appeared. It is nigh identical to the Russian trailer, but it is in English. There are also new money shots, including a particularly squee inducing clip of Banshee flying. This marks the first time we will see a mutant flying in a way that makes sense for the character.

These new marketing tid-bits have really help add fuel to the anticipation fire. X-Men: First Class hits theaters June 3rd.