Apple Fixing Location Tracking Bug With iOS 4.3.3 Update

Apple Fixing Location Tracking Bug With iOS 4.3.3 Update

Even when they make dumb mistakes (which doesn’t happen often) Apple is pretty quick to try and fix them. Or, at the very least they offer an explanation. In the case of the recent location tracking issue, they’re doing both.

According to a source that informed BGR, Apple isn’t wasting any time fixing the location tracking issue in the iPhone and other iOS devices. Apparently, it is going to be done via an iOS update within the next two weeks or even sooner.

The update will be known as iOS version 4.3.3 and will address the following:

• The device will no longer back up the location database to iTunes
• The size of the location database will be reduced
• The location database will be deleted entirely when Location Services are turned off
• Battery life improvements
• iPod bug fixes

Looks good. Let’s hope this takes care of the public outcry over location security and privacy for this issue. Really, I’ll be happy if the update just gives me back the battery life I seem to have lost with the last one.