‘Investigation Discovery’ Friday the 13th Lineup: Real Life Monsters

‘Investigation Discovery’ Friday the 13th Lineup: Real Life Monsters

True crime fans are in for a treat tonight, because Investigation Discovery has a lineup of shows catering to the macabre and and truly terrifying. Forget Jason Voorhees, there is nothing more frightening than a real life monster.

Tonight’s special scheduling begins with Pig Farm (9pm), a film about Robert Pickton, Canada’s most notorious serial killer.  Next up is American Occult: Blood Lust (11pm) which takes you inside the underground world of Satan worshippers and vampire culture. Finally, Lore: Deadly Obsession will show at midnight.

We got a sneak peek at Lore: Deadly Obsession, which tells the very disturbing story of Richard Trenton Case. Even as a young child, Case exhibited signs of zoosadism, bedwetting, and pyromania; all behaviors that indicate sociopath tendencies.

Throw an abusive mom and problems with women in the mix, and it was a recipe for disaster.  Case was obsessed with drinking blood, and once his desire could not be met with small rodents and animals he graduated to other means, culminating in a gruesome blood bath one night in 1978.

Case killed over six people over the course of one month, and was nicknamed the “Vampire of Sacramento”. He died of an apparent suicide by overdose while in prison.

Part of the reason this particular film is so effective and chilling is due to the performance of  Dylan John Seaton. He is simply scary as hell as the unhinged serial killer. Although most of the violence takes place off camera, the film is wholly unsettling, particularly since you know the events really took place.

Check local listings for more details.

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