NBC Rejects 'Wonder Woman' Pilot, Not Going Forward with Series

NBC Rejects ‘Wonder Woman’ Pilot, Not Going Forward with Series

Ding dong, the Prince is dead. Or, at the very least, the most recent incarnation of Diana Prince (aka Wonder Woman) on the small screen.

That right folks, David E. Kelly’s much hyped reimagining of Wonder Woman as a modern career woman by day and Amazonian crimefighter by night is not being picked up by NBC.

The news broke late last night after the network got some mixed reviews from testers who watched the pilot. After that lukewarm reception, all the hoopla surrouding the lame costume, and other changes made by Kelly to the Wonder Woman mythos, the netwok decided that the show will not go on from here.

Apart from those details, NBC isn’t saying much more about why the show was killed. Could it just be the costume or was it much more that that? Other reports suggest Kelley’s take asked for lots of expensive, contemporary music and the Ally McBeal and LA Law creator had also requested a commercial-free premiere for the pilot if it aired.

Sadly, we may never know the full story on why the show isn’t going forward. Although, maybe that doesn’t really matter.

It’s often unfair to judge a show just from a few pictures and a description. However, in the case of this Wonder Woman it just all looked, and sounded, bad.

Let’s let this one die and move on to the next one. I’m sure we’ll see another try at Wonder Woman soon enough. And don’t worry, Adrianne Palicki is going to be fine. She’s hot and not a terrible actress.

I’m sure she’s already booked another gig.

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