Get A First Look at Marvel’s Upcoming ‘Daredevil’ #1

Even though the big screen adaptation of Marvel’s Daredevil left, well, something to be desired, that doesn’t mean the comic book version isn’t worth a look and worth continuing. Obviously, Marvel must think so too as they’re about to debut a brand new series featuring the character.

Naturally, we’ve got previews for that comic’s first issue to bring you today. From writer Mark Waid and artists Paolo Rivera and Marcos Martin comes the new journey of Daredevil.

“This journey begins as he retakes the alleys and rooftops of New York City with monumental life changes, new enemies, new friends and a new role in the Marvel Universe. Billy club in hand, Matt Murdock must tackle his greatest challenges yet, but will he be welcomed back to New York with open arms? Who will stand in his way and can Daredevil be trusted?”

Check out the preview pages where else, after the break. Daredevil #1 hits store shelves on July 7th.

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