Box Office: ‘Hangover Part 2′ Takes The Weekend by Storm

Box Office: ‘Hangover Part 2′ Takes The Weekend by Storm

Box office analysts expected this weekend to be a pretty huge draw, bringing in families with Kung Fu Panda 2 and everyone else with The Hangover Part 2. Nobody, however, expected the R-rated sequel to The Hangover to pull in over $100 Million since Thursday.

That’s precisely what happened, as Todd Phillips’ film grossed roughly $137 Million since Thursday in the domestic box office and pulled in just under $200 Million worldwide.

Also hitting theaters this weekend, Kung Fu Panda 2 opened to good box office grosses, just not as impressive. The Dreamworks sequel pulled in an estimated $68 Million locally and upwards of $125 Million worldwide.

In third place for the weekend, Pirates 4 dropped off over 50% since last weekend, bringing in an estimated $40 Million for the weekend. This may sound low, but it helps top the film off at $634 Million worldwide over the 10 days. Not too shabby.

Also opening this weekend is Terence Malick’s Tree of Life, which only hit 4 theaters across the country, and still managed to pull in roughly $373,000, which averages out to nearly $100,000 per theater.

Next weekend we’ve got another heavy hitter as Fox’s X-Men: First Class hits over 3,000 theaters. Expect to see big things from that film.