After Breaking Records, Warner Bros. Looking to Bring Us ‘Hangover Part 3'

After Breaking Records, Warner Bros. Looking to Bring Us ‘Hangover Part 3′

There were plenty of predictions from analysts that Hangover Part 2 would do well over the 3 day weekend, but with film breaking over $200 million worldwide, you had better believe Warner Bros. is jumping on the train to get a third film up and running as quick as possible.

Worldwide box office success is a sure way to lock in a sequel to any film, but Phillips and his Wolf Pack were actually playing with the idea of making The Hangover a trilogy way before this sequel hit theaters. From THR.

Talk of a third move surfaced several weeks ago when Part II was tracking off the charts. Part II was famously put into development two months before the first movie came out when Warners hired Phillips and Scot Armstrong to write the script. The studio was high on the strong test scores and in an unusual move, especially on something not based on a comic book or brand, hired the writing of the sequel in April before the movie’s release in May.

Craig Mazin, who co-wrote the Bangkok-set sequel, is in early talks to come back to write the new script for whose story details are being kept secret.

You can assume that Cooper, Helms, Galifiniakis, and possibly Ken Jeong will be back for the third installment. The question then becomes: where do you go when you’ve already done Vegas and Bangkok? Our vote is for the Moon.