Catwoman Announced as a Playable Character in 'Batman Arkham City'

Catwoman Announced as a Playable Character in ‘Batman Arkham City’

All things video games will be blowing up in the next week as Los Angeles is taken by storm with E3 news and announcements. We’ve got a few tidbits already before the show even happens, such as this little nugget about Catwoman being an official playable character in the upcoming Batman open-world game Batman Arkham City.

The game is written as a sequel to the massively popular third-person game Batman Arkham Asylum, in which you portrayed the Dark Knight (voiced by Kevin Conroy) as he took down some of the most well known names in his rogues gallery.

In this game, The Joker (voiced possibly for the last time by Mark Hamill) breaks free from captivity, again, to wreak havoc on the townspeople of Gotham City. The big news here is that the game will get a bit more female, as Catwoman has been announced as a playable character for several levels, instead of playing as Batman for the entire game.

Not only has this feature been announced, but there’s even a pretty hot video circulating around the web showing off the Cat of 9 Lives and how elastic and flexible she can be when taking down the thugs of Gotham.

Check out the video after the jump, and catch Batman Arkham Asylum on shelves October 18th.