Official 'Duke Nukem Forever' Launch Trailer Arrives

Official ‘Duke Nukem Forever’ Launch Trailer Arrives

After years of speculation, delays and a feeling it was really never going to happen at all, we’ve finally got a firm belief that Duke Nukem Forever is actually going to come out. How do we know?

Well, we’ve got a launch trailer for the game to share with you today. Sure, it’s only taken about 14 years (the game was first in development in 1997) to get to his point, but who’s counting? Having a launch trailer has got to be a pretty good indicator, right?

In case you’re not familiar with Duke Nukem Forever, it’s the sequel to Duke Nukem 3D, which launched in 1996, and continues the story of badass Duke Nukem as he winds his way through a world infested with zombies, aliens and scantily clad women. In this new game the aliens have returned and are stealing earth’s women. Of course, Duke isn’t having any and takes matters into his own hands.

Check out the trailer after the jump. By clicking through you certify you are 18 years of age or older.

Duke Nukem Forever drops on June 14th for XBox 360, PS3 and PC.