Get Your First Look at Syfy’s New Zak Penn Series ‘Alphas’

Get Your First Look at Syfy’s New Zak Penn Series ‘Alphas’

Syfy has seen fit to send us some info, pics and a trailer for a new series dubuting on the network in July. The series, created and written by comic book movie writer Zak Penn (X2, X-Men: The Last Stand, The Incredible Hulk, The Avengers) and Michael Karnow, may seem a bit familiar to you.

However, that doesn’t make it bad. Besides, Penn is a smart guy, I’m sure he can make it work.

Here are the details from Syfy so you can judge for yourself:

The series is a procedural thriller about ordinary people with extraordinary mental and physical abilities that operate within a special branch of the Department of Defense and are tasked to investigate cases committed by others with Alpha abilities.

Emmy® winner and Academy Award nominee David Strathairn (Temple Grandin/Good Night, and Good Luck) headlines a cast of both familiar and new faces including Warren Christie (October Road), Malik Yoba (New York Undercover), Laura Mennell (Watchmen), Ryan Cartwright (Bones) and Azita Ghanizada (Castle).

And yes, Callum Keith Rennie of Battlestar Galactica, 24 and late of The Killing guest stars in the pilot. That guy ends up in lots of things. Why don’t they just let him be a series regular in something? Doesn’t seem fair.

Check out the trailer and some pics after the break. Catch Alphas in action July 11 at 10/9c on Syfy.