E3 2011: Nintendo Announces WiiU Controller, But Where’s The Console?

As E3 continues its week-long gaming announcements and innovation, today was expected to be a pretty big day as Nintendo took the stage to announce some of their big new products.

One of the huge announcements coming from Nintendo today was the announcement of WiiU. What is WiiU? Well it’s a controller and a tablet and a gaming window all rolled into one. The WiiU refers to an iPad-sized tablet with buttons and a viewers so that you can do a number of things from catch a virtual baseball to use the viewer as a scope when playing in a shooter, and even play table-top games without the use of an actual console.

We’re excited to see what the WiiU can bring to the NextGen table, but is this the new console that Nintendo has been teasing about for this event? We don’t think so, because many of the guests in the video package mentioned that their new releases such as Batman Arkham City, Tekken, and a brand new Zelda game yet to be released will be the perfect fit for “the new console”.

So this new WiiU may allow you to continue a game even after someone has changed the channel on the TV, or teach you how to draw, but is it the answer to our NextGen console needs? We don’t think so. We’re hoping to get more details as they arrive this week.

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