E3 2011: Check Out The First Trailer for 'Super Mario 3D' on 3DS

E3 2011: Check Out The First Trailer for ‘Super Mario 3D’ on 3DS

E3’s got lots of news this week that has us excited. It seems that the big news of the week goes to Nintendo, with the announcement of their WiiU interactive controller and console. Along with the WiiU, the company has also announced some pretty awesome games for their already existing consoles.

One that has piqued our interest pretty hard is Super Mario 3D, which looks to be the complete culmination of all Mario games into one action-packed handheld game. Here’s the rundown for the game.

Super Mario 3D combines the gameplay of 3D Mario titles, which includes some of Mario’s moves such as the running jump and ground pound, with some of the more traditional elements of 2D Mario titles. The game utilises a similar system to the 2D titles, in which Mario will lose outfits or shrink to Small Mario if he is hit, losing a life if he is hit whilst in Small Mario form or falls into a bottomless pit.

Confirmed items revealed so far are the Super Mushroom, which allows Small Mario to grow into Super Mario, the Fire Flower, which allows Mario to shoot fireballs, the Starman, which makes Mario temporarily invincible, and the Super Leaf (Mario tranforms into Tanooki Mario instead of Raccoon Mario), which allows Mario to do a tail whip attack and hover in the air.

Levels are completed by reaching a flag similar to that of Super Mario Bros. and New Super Mario Bros., with more points or an extra life earned the higher the player lands on it. Comet Medals also make a reappearance from Super Mario Galaxy 2, hinting that more difficult variations of the levels can be unlocked.

The game is set to hit stores later this year, but you can check out the first gameplay trailer after the jump to get excited.