'Welcome to the Nightmare' Gameplay Trailer for 'Rise of Nightmares' for Kinect

‘Welcome to the Nightmare’ Gameplay Trailer for ‘Rise of Nightmares’ for Kinect

Last week, we brought you the E3 Live Action trailer for Rise of Nightmares from SEGA.  Today, we let you see the game in action.

From what we can tell from this gameplay trailer for Rise of Nightmares, the graphics resemble that of other first person horror titles like Condemned with dark, gritty overtones along with the gore levels of House of the Dead. The animations look solid as the shambling attackers bring their constant threat to the player.

One thing that stands out as out of place in the trailer is the disembodied arm of the player when using the chainsaw. When using other weapons, the player’s arms are always there but in the snippets featuring the chainsaw, the player’s arms are floating in air. Hopefully this visual will be fixed by the game’s release as it is a strong visual disconnect at the moment.

The hardest part about seeing Kinect titles is that the gameplay footage is only half of the experience. Even more so than games using a controller where players are used to standard experiences like platforming, shooting and traversing though a level, the Kinect is bringing these to players in a new way. It will be interesting to see just how they play out when Rise of Nightmares is released later this year.

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