'Boyz N The Hood' Coming to Blu-ray In July

‘Boyz N The Hood’ Coming to Blu-ray In July

Hard to believe it took this long as it seems most every movie arrives on Blu-ray quickly these days but director John Singleton’s Boyz N The Hood is finally getting the HD treatment. It will be released on July 19th by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

for those of you not familiar with the film (although, not sure how that’s possible), Boyz N The Hood is “the critically acclaimed story of three friends growing up in a South Central Los Angeles neighborhood, and of street life where friendship, pain, danger and love combine to form reality.”

It also features some career-launching performances by Cuba Gooding, Jr., Ice Cube and Morris Chestnut as well as great turns by Lawrence Fishburne and Angela Bassett. The Blu-ray will include a host of special features such as Director’s Commentary, Deleted Scenes, Audition Videos featuring Ice Cube, Angela Bassett and Morris Chestnut.

In addition, the Blu-ray will also include the documentaries “The Enduring Significance of Boyz N the Hood,” “Friendly Fire: Making Of An Urban Legend” and the music video from Compton’s Most Wanted called “Growin’ Up in the Hood.”

This movie spawned the careers of many actors and helped propel Singleton into the top echelon of directors. Sadly, he hasn’t done as well with his career as some of his actors. Who knows, perhaps he and Cuba Gooding, Jr. will get together and make another movie? It might help both of their careers.