Web Video Roundup: 4 Minutes of 'Batman Live!', Transformers Meet My Little Pony, & 'The Star Wars Zone'

Web Video Roundup: 4 Minutes of ‘Batman Live!’, Transformers Meet My Little Pony, & ‘The Star Wars Zone’

We’re pretty big fans of all things viral here at The Flickcast, but given that there is just so much to report on when it comes to awesome web videos, we thought it was time we just spelled it all out for you in a comprehensive list for you to enjoy it all in a digestible package.

We all know how terrible Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark is, either by first or second hand experience. But 4 minutes from the new Batman Live! stage show gives us Batman fighting a giant disembodied Joker head. Meh?

Who doesn’t love a good trailer mashup? How about when the two themes are both eerily similar in histories? That’s exactly what you get when My Little Pony meets Dark of the Moon in TransforMares: Dark of the NightMare Moon.

Speaking of trailer mashups (that are less ironic and more funny), here’s a mashup of the Source Code trailer with the popular game Half Life.

What if Luke Skywalker was the Billy Mumy, aka the creepy kid from the Twilight Zone episode where he made people disappear? Take a step into the Star Wars Zone to find out.

Getting deeper into the world of impressive shorts, this one takes a look at life from two different perspectives. We present to you Splitscreen: A Love Story.

Proving once again how much cooler UK theaters are than American ones, here’s a trailer showing off Orange’s buy 1, get 1 free movie ticket deal every Tuesday.

An entire short film that depends on the purchase and use of the Magic Bullet Suite 11, which will not only make you a pro editor, but also change your life forever. We hope this director gets every update for free after this.

Last, but certainly not least, here’s the most disturbing and terrifying riff on the classic “Let’s All Go to the Lobby” animations that played in movie theaters.