iPad HD Could Launch in September

iPad HD Could Launch in September

Another day, another iPhone or iPad rumor. Hey, it’s fun to speculate, so why not? Today’s latest is a report over at This is My Next that a new iPad is coming later this year, around the same time as the reported launch of the iPhone 5.

The device will not be a replacement for the current iPd 2, however. Instead, it will reportedly be called the “iPad HD,” will feature a double resolution 2048 x 1536-pixel screen and be targeted to “Pro” users like photographers and videographers.

In addition, and this makes sense if you’ve checked out Final Cut X at all, the new iPad HD will reportedly ship with new mobile version of Apple’s Final Cut and Aperture applications.

As always, take any rumors of this sort with a large grain of salt. However, with the way things work these days it is often hard for companies to keep all their secrets, even Apple. Obvioysly, Apple will be coming out with new versions of both the iPhone and the iPad. It’s inevatible.

The real question always is what will those new version be like. If we apply a bit lof logical deduction, the idea of an iPad HD running Aperture and Final Cut isn’t so hard to believe. Whatever is coming, we’ll all find out in September.