Box Office: 'Transformers 3' Stays Strong in Week 2

Box Office: ‘Transformers 3’ Stays Strong in Week 2

In a world of constant changing protagonists, there seems to be one winner when it comes to the summer movie blockbuster season. That winner is Michael Bay’s transforming robots known as the Autobots. In its second weekend of release, Transformers 3 still managed to stay strong at #1 with an astounding $47 Million.

The film is staying strong not only in the US, but has pulled in upwards of $645 Million worldwide. Also opening this weekend, Warner’s Horrible Bosses didn’t make much of an impact with an estimated $28 Million.

Finally, and in the #3 spot this weekend, Sony’s The Zookeeper managed to draw something of an audience, with $21 Million over the weekend, and an average of $6,000 per screen. About a fourth of its $80 Million budget, so you can expect Kevin James to cause trouble in yet another occupation in the near future.

Even thought Transformers blew up for the past 2 weeks, and has made over half a billion dollars worldwide, that’s nothing in comparison to what the final Harry Potter film will do next weekend.

Opening in over 4,200 screens across the US, you can expect the film to blow this last Transformers film out of the water in the first weekend, let alone the worldwide net of the film going forward.