Sam Raimi Finds Director for 'Evil Dead' Reboot

Sam Raimi Finds Director for ‘Evil Dead’ Reboot

Yes, that’s right, there’s an actual reboot of the classic horror Evil Dead in the works. It’s been speculated since back in 2004 when Raimi and partner Rob Tapert made declarations that this new generation of horror fans needs an updated version, and it seems like progress is finally getting made as the two have found a prospective director to take on the task.

Bloody-Disgusting has the official scoop.

In an exclusive scoop, we’re told that Fede Alvarez (Federico Alvarez) is directing for Raimi’s Ghost House Pictures and Mandate. The remake was announced way back in 2004. No word on casting or if Bruce Campbell will return.

There are several good things about this bit of news. It’s good that Raimi is in charge of the reboot, and it’s not getting remade by a studio that has no connection to the original. Also, it’s great that Raimi is sticking to his “indie” roots by going with super indie director Alvarez, who directed the awesome gigantic robot short Panic Attack! back in 2009.

Casting is rumored to have begun in Michigan, and with any hope, they will also cast an unknown in the lead role of Ash, much like Bruce Campbell was back in the original film. Also, no word on what role, if any, Campbell will have in this new remake.

We’re hoping to hear more as Raimi hits the press circuit for his upcoming Wizard of Oz rendition later next year.