Tarantino Taking Turn In Front Of The Camera

Tarantino Taking Turn In Front Of The Camera

Quentin Tarantino will be making time during the pre-production of his upcoming western, Django Unchained, to appear in a film from legendary spaghetti western star Franco Nero. Before the announcement of what Tarantino’s next project would be, we heard rumors that he would be working with Nero on his next project.

Most assumed once Tarantino’s western was announced, that Nero would be involved in this film. Many were surprised that once the cast for Django Unchained had been announced, including names like Jamie Foxx, Leonardo DiCaprio, Christoph Waltz and Samuel L. Jackson, that Nero’s name wasn’t among them.

It seems the rumors were true and they will be working together, just not on Django. According to Nero, Tarantino has agreed to make an appearance in the actor’s upcoming film The Angel, The Brute and The Wise. So now, instead of Nero acting in a Tarantino’s film, we’ll get Tarantino acting in Nero’s.

In a recent interview with Box Office Magazine, Nero explained his pitch to Quentin. “I said ‘Quentin, we are going to do a western. It would be an homage to Sergio Leone and John Huston, the director that discovered me, and would you be so kind to play a cameo?’ And he said…‘Oh, great, so I can come with Robert Rodriguez and my friends to play them?’ I said, yeah! That would be great!”

It seems it is Nero’s lucky day, as he gets a cameo from not only Tarantino, but he also get Robert Rodriguez and some of  Tarantino’s other celebrity friends.

Even though Tarantino’s role is more of an extended cameo than a co-starring role, Nero will undoubtedly have to accommodate Tarantino and his friends when it comes to production.