SDCC11: 'Star Wars' Goes Digital

SDCC11: ‘Star Wars’ Goes Digital

Fans who like their comics available on the go will be happy to learn that Dark Horse is taking their catalogue of Star Wars titles digital. Finally, when someone glances over your shoulder and spies you leering at Slave Leia on your iPad, you at least have the excuse that you’re reading.

Dark Horse and LucasFilm announced that over 50 comics from the Star Wars universe are now available for purchase from The announcement was made yesterday from the Dark Horse Star Wars Comics 20th Anniversary Panel.

Among the books listed is:

Star Wars: Crimson Empire series
Marvel’s adaptation of Episode IV: A New Hope
The Clone Wars
Knights of the Old Republic
Legacy: War
Knight Errant
The Old Republic
Jedi: The Dark Side
and the top-selling Darth Vader and the Lost Command.

Most single issues will be priced at the standard $1.99, with KOTOR #1 and Clone Wars #1 available for free download and Crimson Empire #1, Knight Errant #1, and The Old Republic #1 for $.99.