SDCC11: Teaser Poster and Stills for ‘Immortals’

SDCC11: Teaser Poster and Stills for ‘Immortals’

One thing you can expect from a Tarsem Singh movie is a heap o’ interesting visuals. Combine that with Greek mythology, add some broth and a potato, and boy, you got yourself Singh’s latest, Immortals. Better yet, you got two stills and an epic poster, courtesy of Comic-Con.

Immortals stars Henry Cavill (Superman: Man of Steel) as Theseus, a stonemason who gathers a group of followers to take down the vicious King Hyperion (Mickey Rourke), a brutal tyrant on his own mad quest to destroy humanity and overthrow the very gods themselves.

In his quest, Theseus is aided by the oracle Phaedra (Slumdog Millionaire’s Freida Pinto) and a slave (Stephen Dorff). It may sound a bit Spartacus and Troy­-y, but we’ll be watching to see what Tarsem does with 3D—coming from the guy who directed The Cell and The Fall, the pairing seems obvious.

Immortals is scheduled to open November 11, 2011. You can check out more photos and the poster after the jump.


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