SDCC11 Exclusive: Eliza Dushku on Voicing Catwoman in 'Batman: Year One' and Growing Up as a Nerd

SDCC11 Exclusive: Eliza Dushku on Voicing Catwoman in ‘Batman: Year One’ and Growing Up as a Nerd

While yesterday we brought you one of the big names on the female side of the cast for the upcoming animated Batman: Year One film with Katee Sackhoff. That’s only one half of the female firepower that film is bringing to the table, as they also managed to cast Dollhouse star Eliza Dushku as Selena Kyle aka Catwoman.

We got a chance to speak with Eliza about her role, how she managed to return to also voice Catwoman in the DC Original Short, and what she’s currently working on.

Best known for her work with Joss Whedon in both the Buffy universe as well as the star of his most recent TV project, Dollhouse, Eliza has managed to portray the “hot badass” archetype for nearly a decade now. Things are changing only slightly as she’s turning in her Doll clothes and vampire stake for a leather catsuit and whip (animated, of course).

Aside from working constantly working in front of the camera, Eliza is also working as a producer for a few upcoming projects including one for the Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation.

Take a look at what Eliza had to say in our exclusive interview after the jump, and be sure to grab Batman: Year One when it hits shelves on October 18th.