It's Clive Owen Versus Evil in the Trailer for 'Intruders'

It’s Clive Owen Versus Evil in the Trailer for ‘Intruders’

It was a bit hard to believe that a director could match, or in some ways even improve, on Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later. But that’s just what director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo did when he stepped in and took on the sequel 28 Weeks Later. The film became a huge hit and we’ve been waiting to see what he does next. Now, we know.

Fresnadillo’s second English language film is the upcoming Intruders, which stars Clive Owen. The first trailer for the film has just been released and we’ve got it for you right here.

In case you’re not familiar with the film, Intruders concerns two families, one in Spain and one in the UK, who are menaced by terrifying apparitions. In Spain, a mother tries to protect her son from a faceless stranger, while in Britain, a young girl has terrifying dreams of a demon who becomes a real danger to her and her family. Owen plays the girl’s father.

Intruders also features Daniel Bruhl, Carice Van Houten and Kerry Fox. It’s set to be released October 7th in the US.

Check the trailer after the break.