SDCC11: John Carle's Epic Comic Con Photo Gallery

SDCC11: John Carle’s Epic Comic Con Photo Gallery

Comic-Con in San Diego is great event that excites the senses like no other. The sights and sounds are unlike any others (and unfortunately, sometimes so are the smells). Those of us lucky enough to see Comic-Con in person would be remiss not to allow others the opportunities to see them as well.

From beautiful women in sexy costumes to guys decked out in full combat gear and gigantic booth displays and monstrously oversized robots, visually Comic-Con has everything. And you can’t forget the celebrities.

Where else in the world could someone see Hulk Hogan signing autographs and ten minutes later find Wonder Woman having a beer at the bar. (Wonder Woman wanted to make sure everyone knows she does not encourage underage drinking). We had some other great photo galleries during the show and now we’ve got a brand new one with a bit more epicness.

As always, we send out a special shout out to the fanboys and fangirls who spent hours of hard work creating some of the best costumes we have seen. Each year, people keep getting better and this year’s Con was proof again of that.

Take a peek below at more amazing pics from Comic-Con 2011 from San Diego.