Mastodon SDCC11: ‘Prototype 2’ Developer Interview & New Trailer

SDCC11: ‘Prototype 2’ Developer Interview & New Trailer

This year, Activision has taken the approach of “go big or go home” at Comic Con with big pushes on four of its upcoming titles set to come out over the next year. Two of these titles, Spider-Man: Edge of Time and X-Men: Destiny both being comic book properties, and the updated Goldeneye: 007 Reloaded are no brainers. The one however that seems to stand out the most is Protoype 2.

Prototype 2 is not what many would consider a traditional sequel. First off, players do not get the opportunity to play the second tale in the Alex Mercer / Blackgate saga as the original game’s protagonist. Instead, Radical has decided to give players the opportunity to take on the role of James Heller, a former soldier whose family has fallen victim to the events of the original Prototype that Mercer has infected with a unique version of the virus that gives him powers of his own and in essence creates a second Prototype.

In our interview below, check out to see what the developers themselves feel about the title’s new protagonist. Also, get a look at the thought process behind new characters being introduced to the game, the new moral compass of the game’s new lead and even gameplay changes such as enemy AI (and the overwhelming nuisance of players being killed by a rocket shot from off screen that they’d have no way to dodge).

Take a look below at both our interview and the first third of the new full trailer for Prototype 2, coming in 2012 to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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