SDCC11 Exclusive: John Barrowman Talks Bringing ‘Torchwood’ To The US, Auditioning To Play Superman

This past year has marked a pretty big time for shows on the BBC, as US network TV finally started paying attention to how good some of the programming was and decided to jump on the bandwagon. In some cases, such as Syfy’s Being Human, the network took the idea but none of the original folks that worked on it. That’s not what happened, however, with Torchwood.

Originally starting on a little BBC offshoot, the Doctor Who spinoff grew in popularity and has now been brought over to the States by STARZ in a whole new, updated version. The show while still stays in canon with the earlier version and keeps the show’s main stars John Barrowman and Eve Myles.

We got a chance to speak with Barrowman about playing his favorite superhero, Captain Jack Harkness, for so many years, as well as what it’s like bringing the show from the UK to the US.

Also, John mentioned that Captain Jack wasn’t the only hero he’s had the honor of trying out for. He’s been a huge Captain America fan for years, but back in 2004, he even auditioned to play the lead in Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns before they inevitably went with Brandon Routh.

Check out what John Barrowman had to say about all these things and more in our interview after the jump. Catch Torchwood: Miracle Day airing Friday nights at 10/9C on STARZ.

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