Kevin Feige Spills The Beans On Hulk's Look in 'The Avengers'

Kevin Feige Spills The Beans On Hulk’s Look in ‘The Avengers’

There has already been two high profile takes on the incredible Hulk, both with their own sets of problems, and neither quite getting it right. Joss Whedon’s The Avengers hopes that the third time will be the charm, as yet another skilled actor takes on the role of Bruce Banner.

Of course, all of this change leads to some very natural questions about what will set this Hulk apart, and luckily the chaps at LA Times Hero Complex talked to Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige to find out.

It will be as different as ”The Incredible Hulk” was from Ang Lee’s “Hulk” in terms of its look and design, but it is Hulk.” said Feige when asked how different the two Hulks will be. “Hulk is Hulk. We’re not going to reinvent the wheel.

But Feige did elaborate on the decision to use actor Mark Ruffalo’s actual facial features in the final design of the Hulk.

It was something we actively avoided before. Hulk was Hulk, he’s not any one actor and Hulk should look like Hulk. It was  like Iron Man’s armor, in a way, it wouldn’t change depending on the actor wearing it. But we’ve taken a different approach because Hulk is Banner… we did a few designs that put Ruffalo into it, and we immediately saw how much more you feel for the creature.

Using actual facial features for the Hulk is going to be a difficult task, but one the crew of The Avengers seems willing to take on. We shall just have to wait and see if it all works next summer.