Marvel Teams Up With Retailer To Introduce Heroes To The Kitchen

Marvel characters are popular these days, from multi-million dollar theatrical blockbusters to massively successful video games and cartoons. Now the iconic comic book heroes are invading another time honored medium that geeks the everywhere will drool over, cookie molds!

That’s right, Marvel has teamed up with Williams-Sonoma to produce a line of kitchen and bakeware exclusively for their stores.

Designed exclusively for the retailer, the products include renowned Super Heroes from the Marvel Universe including Spider-Man, Hulk, Captain America and Iron Man.  Featuring retro character art and graphics, the Williams-Sonoma collection captures the charm and artistry of the original Marvel Comics. The program launches with an array of bakeware and kitchen essentials including Cookie Cutters, Pancake Molds, Adult and Child Aprons, Spatulas and Iced Cookies.

I, for one, am hoping this is a successful line so more obscure characters can get their time to shine in the kitchen. It is awesome to have Captain America pancake molds or Invisible Woman non-stick pans, but the world will truly be a better place when we have Ravage 2099 child aprons and Deathlok corn holders. Hopefully the people behind this epic cross over are thinking along the same lines. 

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