Exclusive Interview: Eve Myles On Bringing 'Torchwood' To The US, More

Exclusive Interview: Eve Myles On Bringing ‘Torchwood’ To The US, More

While Torchwood is a name that is becoming more an more familiar to American audiences since Starz started airing the this season, it’s been on the top list of quality TV for fans in the UK (or “in the know”) for years now.

The show started off as a small spinoff of the ratings juggernaut Doctor Who, and managed to slowly build an audience comparable to the material in which it was created. With series creator Russell T. Davies, the series managed to bounce all over the BBC networks and eventually get a primetime slot on one of their big channels.

With that growing success, it only made sense to bring the show here to the US, where the population could easily boost those ratings into something the UK rarely gets to see. That’s where Starz comes in.

We got the chance to speak with series star Eve Myles, who has the fortune of being with the series from the pilot, all the way through its reincarnation here on US soil. She mentioned how different the production has been, and how new and exciting this incarnation of the fictional Torchwood team is.

Check out what she had to say after the jump, and catch Torchwood: Miracle Day airing on Starz every Friday.